Our Story
Welcome to Bug & Bees. Think of this 100% Made in India brand as a vibrant playground of premium-quality and delightfully comfortable garments for girls and boys from 3 to 12 years of age.
In the era of fast fashion, Bug & Bees strives to rise above the wastage and irreversible damage to our planet. Hence, our products not only build a beautiful daily-wear wardrobe for your child but also mould them into eco-conscious individuals.

Bug & Bees designs clothing for kids so that it catches your eye instantaneously but also never compromises on all-natural fibres such as cotton. The touch and feel of each garment for children is incredibly soft and unforgettably comfortable.

The safe dyes used in our products are also wash-friendly so you can be assured that the clothing is eligible for multiple wears. This also ensures a longer shelf life of clothing, thus promoting sustainability.