About Us

Bug & Bees is a Mommy-owned company operating out of the beautiful Central Coast, Ca that is teaming up with your favorite children’s boutique brands to help donate back to charities that support children. We operate under the idea that most people want to give back, but just aren't quite sure how or to who.  We've made that part of the process easy for you guys by choosing 3 amazing charities that we know will make a difference.  All you have to do is shop and you're automatically contributing to our causes! It is as simple as that. Feel free to read all about the charities we support under 'Causes We Support'. 

At Bug & Bees we are also passionate about partnering with vendors who share our same values.  We value high quality fabrics, fair trade principals, and ethical practices and so do our vendors.  If you don't see a pattern you love, hop on over to each brand's full store and let us know what you'd like us to add!  Happy shopping and giving!



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