Causes We Support

Share Our Strength

Share Our Strength is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in the United States.  About 48.8 million American families struggle to find the means to get enough nutrition on a regular basis.  As a result, about 1 in 6 children go hungry at some point during the year.  As working parents to two children, putting food on the table has never been an issue for our family.  We are truely blessed in that our everyday essentials are never a worry, leaving us to worry about everything else parents worry about.  However, not all families are this fortunate and the thought of any child feeling hunger pangs and not being able to satisfy them hurts our hearts deeply. Donating to this cause will help these children and families put food on the table, allowing them to focus on being kids instead of worry about being hungry.  

Pearl S. Buck International

Pearl S. Buck International is one of the leading international adoption organizations.  Not only have they placed thousands of orphaned, displaced, disabled, and minority children from 28 nations around the world into loving homes, they also offer a range of on-site programs in orphanages around the world.  Donating to this cause will help place many more children into homes where they can thrive and grow without worry of feeling safe or loved.

Horizons for Homeless Children

Horizons for Homeless Children's main focus is changing the staggering national statistic that more than 500,000 children ages 5 and below experience homelessness each year. What we love most about this organization is not only that their programs focus on preparing children for school, but they focus on allowing kids to be kids.  In donating to this organization, we are helping to fund a space where children in homeless shelters are able to learn social skills, exercise, and use their creativity and imagination through art projects and play.  We strongly believe kids should be able to be kids!



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